The Single Monad Model of the Cosmos


The Single Monad Model of the Cosmos

These articles are extracts from The Single Monad Model of the Cosmos: Ibn Arabi's Concept of Time and Creation, by Mohamed Haj Yousef

A Brief Overview of Early Cosmological Models
Summary of Modern Theories of Cosmology
Preliminary Outline of Ibn Arabi's Cosmology
Time in Philosophy and Science, Introduction
Time in Greek Philosophy
Time in Earlier Islamic Philosophy:
Time in Western Philosophy
Time in Modern Science:
Introducing Ibn ‘Arabî's View of Time:
What is Time?
Physical Time and Spiritual Time
The Origin of the World
The Origin of Time?
Space-Time and the Speed of Light
Relative and Curved Time
The Discrete Nature of Time
The 'Chest' of Time
Circular Time and Cyclical Time
The Two Cycles of Life
Days of Other Orbs and Divine Names
The Daytime and Nighttime
The Single Day
The Moment
The Future, the Present and the Past
The Age
Other Expressions of Time
The Significance of the Week in Theology and Astronomy
The Four Main Time Cycles
The Week as the Primary Time Cycle
The Divine Origin of the Seven Days of the Week
The Significance of Each Day of the Divine Week
Space-Time and Creation in Six Days
The Original Days of Event
The Circulated Days (ayyam al-takwir)
The Taken-out Days
The Intertwined Days
The Motion of the Seven Days in the Zodiac
The Kinds of Events
Hours, Minutes and Seconds
The Contrasting Approaches of Sufism and Philosophy
Unicity versus Multiplicity
The Unicity of God and His Names
The Metaphysical Triplicity (Trinity) of the Cosmos
The Oneness of Being
The Principle of Ever-renewed Creation
The Three Hypotheses of the Single Monad Model
The Single Monad
The Different Names of the Single Monad
The Structure of the Monad
The Greatest Element
Analogies in the Macrocosms
Spreading the Shadows
Creation Scenario: the World as a Movie
Testing Possibilities
Timeless Motion
Zeno's Paradoxes
Discreteness and Continuousness
The EPR Paradox
Causality and Induction
Superstrings and the Science of Letters
The Properties of Matter
Dimensions of the Unseen world


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