That Is All Indeed: what the seeker needs (short treatises by Ibn Arabi)

That Is All Indeed: what the seeker needs

This book is a concise guide to the one who wishes to seek the path of God and reach perfection. Ibn Arabi wrote this short treatise in answering to one seeker who met him in Mosul on his way to Anatolia. The seeker, according to the Sufi terminology, is someone who would like to pursue the path of mysticism in order purify his soul and prepare his heart for divine manifestation, by honorably devoting himself to God and acting only according to the Law and whatever pleases his Lord.

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يَا مُحْيِي يَا مُمِيْتُ: أَحْيِ قَلْبيَ بمَعْرِفَتِكَ وَأَمِت نَفْسِيَ بِشُهُوْدِ عَظَمَتِكَ وَهَيْبَتِكَ.
الشيخ الأكبر محي الدين ابن العربي [من كتاب النور الأسنى بمناجاة الله بأسمائه الحسنى - -]

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